Terms and Conditions


Any current special offers has some very specific terms which will be explained to your upon booking in your device, you may want to read carefully the following stipulations should you opt for our low cost service solution.

We only offer a 12 Months warranty on our original glass repair option, the £50 glass does not come with any warranty, although we will give you a few days grace period to give you ample time to notify us of any faults with the item. If any faults are indentified in this time frame we will be happy to offer you a replacement screen at no cost.

Our 12 Months limited warranty in rendered void should the glass be broken under any circumstances, although at the managers discretion some concessions may be possible, we would be happy to discuss this with our customers on a case by case basis only.

To qualify for a free digitiser replacement under our 12 Months warranty the defective must not have been subjected to any impacts, collisions or compaction related pressures.

Storing your iPad in any of the following conditions will also negate any warranties you have with us, subjecting any parts fitted to excessive amounts of heat, (i.e. leaving the iPad inside the car on a very hot day) crushing (accidentally or deliberately applying excessive force to the front of the glass panel) Dropping or collisions related damage will also negate any warranties you have with us.

These terms are preliminary and are subject to change at any time.

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These Terms of Use were last updated on November 17, 2015.