Privacy Policy

Effective November 18, 2015


We are very happy to present our one of a kind privacy policy, while most corporations will use their privacy policy to neatly sidestep their accountability and more importantly use it as a shield from litigation, should they overstep the mark with their incessant bulk data collection. We are strong believers in civil liberties and will guard your privacy and respect your human dignity by never attempting to identify you, your personal information or other meta data uniquely related to you.

We collect and store nothing related to your use of this website, while our hosting provider may store and collect details related to your connection to this website we have no requirement to peruse this data.

There are currently no input forms on this website and we don't plan to ever add any, this is done by design to protect any inadvertent disclosure you may make to any intermediary level adversaries, such as ISP's, hosting providers and more importantly Google. We go out of our way to hinder this rampant exploitation of your information by refusing to add any Google analytic tracking code to any of our web pages.

By using this site you are completely anonymous to us and we have no interest in ever changing this policy. You can rest safe in the knowledge that by using this website we have done everything that is humanly possible on our part to protect you, your data and personal information.


If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at:
Mail: iPad Service, Leeds, Horsforth, LS18 4QA